Bridgeway offers clients two types of search services, Contingency Search and Retained Search. No matter the type of search, we operate with the same sense of urgency and calculated plan to meet our client’s hiring objectives. For Contingency Search we receive payment only when our candidate is hired. For a Retained Search we accept a single, lump sum payment prior to beginning the search. The payment is then applied to the total cost at the end of the search.

For our vision on when each is appropriate, contact a Bridgeway Partner today.  Information for each Practice Leader is available in the “About” section.

"We win by forming relationships with our candidates. There is no substitute for one-to-one communication, the way headhunting is supposed to be."

We begin by spending time with our clients. We discuss the company, the department, the role and expectations for the recruitment process. With an understanding of your specific needs and corporate culture, we set out to engage fitting candidates. Where other firms use dragnet approach to identify as many candidates as possible, we hunt for the candidates we want. We build a list of top prospects, review it with you and reach out to candidates directly.

As we connect with our target candidates, we have meaningful discussions. There’s no fast talk or sales pitch, rather a sincere exploration into their personal and professional place in life. We come to understand their expertise and experience beyond the resumes.

We also come to understand their decision triggers – from a cultural change or location change to greater responsibility, recognition and compensation. We then define our understanding of the opportunity as it relates to their personal and professional interests.  You’re now inside the art of hiring well.

For both company and candidate, knowing how to best showcase strengths and qualifications is key to the interview process. We work with both parties to highlight important points and values and to position themselves as an excellent fit.

More than a third of potential hires are lost due to poor negotiation. This is controllable but requires an experienced and sincere “broker” that can put the interests of both parties ahead of their own.  Acceptance by a potential hire is only starting the final 20% of a hiring process.  Giving resignation is emotional and counteroffers are a 21st century reality.  Companies and Individuals need an expert to support them through this final stage of an interview process.  There isn’t a better resource in the country than Bridgeway.

Our process doesn’t end once a candidate becomes a hire. We support a successful transition to ensure that both company and hire are getting what they expected.  Over 40% of Bridgeway hires have a 5+ year stick rate- we’re doing something right in this age where 50% of individuals on professional network sites have less than 2 years tenure in their last two positions.  Individuals should expect that a role is as it is explained in an interview process.  Companies should be able to expect a return of their hiring investment in exchange for that.  We’re not learning about that in college.