We specialize in discovering extraordinary professionals in unexpected places. At Bridgeway, we encourage companies to invest time to build a targeted, select candidate pool with us.  They hold us accountable to see individuals that come specifically from that pool.  That’s how Headhunting was meant to be.  Expect more.

The best never settle, they call Bridgeway.


To both visionary companies and the extraordinary talent they require to advance their competitive edge, Bridgeway is the only high performance headhunter who persuades the intellect by inspiring the heart. We have the unique power to motivate an individual to pursue an unforeseen leap of faith (from the safety of the known into the possibilities of the unknown) with a single utterance of the words “what if?” It takes real talent to acquire real talent.



Bridgeway Tenure – 18 years (2005-Present)
Cofounded in 2005.  Remains involved in creating strategic hiring plans for companies, interacts with prospective hires to ensure Bridgeway hiring model is maintained, and assumes hiring responsibility for Bridgeway.  Developed the Bridgeway Seneca Hiring model that includes 7 strategic activities to maintain a consistent hiring model and ensure successful hiring.
Corporate Experience
11 years
Promoted through Sales discipline from entry level Sales Associate in 1993 to Regional Director in 2004.  Hired for over 200 roles in multiple states.

4 kids (Ages- 20, 19, 17, 15), Born and raised in Vermont. Attended St. Michael’s College and received BA in Psychology in ’93.
Introduction to thinking

Hiring is the most important part of a job description for any leader.  Perform it well and you will grow on the shoulders of your staff. Perform it poorly and you’ll be working tirelessly until you’re replaced. Very few companies train managers how to hire well.  Consider an engagement with Bridgeway, or perhaps a simple opening conversation, to determine if you appreciate our style and philosophy on hiring. If you do, we can profoundly impact your career more than any other vendor you’ll work with.

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Senior Partner

John co-founded Bridgeway in 2005

Lifetime Billings: $8.5 Million
Engagements Completed: 720
Total Interview processes Managed: 2,800
Lifetime Hires: 425
Unique Companies I’ve supported in hiring: 106
Number of states I’ve completed engagements: 35
Unique Titles I’ve hired for: 62

Philosophical Snapshot

Since 2005 I’ve been able to keep an outstanding pulse on our economy by watching the ebbs and flows of the Financial Services Industry.  Consolidation, regulation, emerging technologies, and the increased competition of Credit Unions have all influenced the financial landscape.  The philosophy and strategy a company utilizes attracting the best and brightest is that much more compelling.  Bridgeway monitors this ever-changing environment and stays attune of the trends within our national footprint.

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Senior Partner

Jim joined Bridgeway in 2006 and earned Partner in 2008

Lifetime Billings: $12.5 Million
Engagements Completed: 1,125
Total Interview processes Managed: 3,650
Lifetime Hires: 525
Unique Companies I’ve supported in hiring: 185
Number of states I’ve completed engagements: 39
Unique Titles I’ve hired for: 207

Philosophical Snapshot

U.S. construction companies spend over $10 Trillion per year in goods and services and employ almost 11 million workers nationally. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimate the United States needs to invest at least $4.5 Trillion by 2025 to fix our roads, bridges, dams and other infrastructure. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, almost 90% of US General Contractors are concerned over what they perceive to be a labor shortage.  Per the Associated General Contractors of America, 79% of construction firms plan to expand headcount in 2019.  Almost the exact percent report having a difficult time trying to hire for salaried positions.  Last stat- Construction on average represents around 7% of our national GDP.  What does all of this mean?  By assisting the best, most ambitious companies with key hiring initiatives, we can play an invaluable role in the success of our country while helping the most talented individuals maximize their potential in this most important industry.  I’m honored to take on that responsibility.

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Jim Bollenbacher

Senior Partner

Jim joined Bridgeway in 2007 and earned Partner in 2011

Lifetime Billings: $11.5 Million
Completed Engagements: 732
Total Interview processes Managed: 1,707
Lifetime Hires: 400+
Unique Companies I’ve supported in hiring: 135
Number of states I’ve completed engagements: 32
Unique Titles I’ve hired for: 38

Philosophical Snapshot:

I’d like to say there are few people who’ve been in this consulting field longer than me. In 2007, I bumped into it, and the rest is history. As of 2024, I’ve managed over 2,600 interview processes, been responsible for over 400 strategic hires with 135 companies and have completed search for over 45 unique titles. And I still love it, most days.
If you’re a company head reading this, I’m confident you’ll appreciate my passion for hiring theory. There are ways to protect that the right person says “yes” and that the wrong person says “no.” In addition, it’s my opinion that part of what you ask of a hiring consultant is the ability to get people in front of you that you wouldn’t see applying to a job posting. I welcome you to test my competency on that.
If you’re a business professional reading this after I’ve initiated an outreach, I’ll offer this- I’ll put your best interests ahead of my own as a principle…that doesn’t happen enough in our field. And today, we’re all entrepreneurs who sell our time to the companies we work for. It’s important to explore your value at certain stages of your career. I’m confident you’ll find me to be an invaluable resource.

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Justin Saunders


Justin joined Bridgeway in 2011 and earned Partner in 2018

Lifetime Billings: $4.5 Million 
Engagements Completed: 227
Total Interview processes Managed: 792
Lifetime Hires: 131
Unique Companies I’ve supported in hiring: 47
Number of states I’ve completed engagements: 28
Unique Titles I’ve hired for: 41

Philosophical Snapshot

My goal in life: be a good husband, a great father, and be excellent at my chosen field of hiring consulting and career management. Later, maybe I’ll have time for a hobby.
For thirteen years, I’ve continued to learn and grow in the art of hiring. As of 2024, I’ve been part of almost 350 strategic hires, managing over 900 interview processes.
If you’re a business considering my company and me for a project, I promise you’ll find the experience with us to be uncommon in our field. Our job is to bring you individuals that you aren’t exposed to through traditional recruiting venues and then to help you and a prospective hire learn everything you can about each other to make an informed decision. We’re very good at that.
If you’re an individual that I’ve reached out to and you’re considering speaking with me, my commitment is that I’ll put your best interest in front of my own. I’m proud to be held accountable to that in our organization, and I’m confident you’ll feel it in our first conversation.

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With almost 100 years of combined experience in management-level recruitment, Bridgeway Search Group is a valuable search partner to companies across a range of industries. Bridgeway’s success is founded in our unmatched skill and proven process. Whether a contingency or retained search, we engage with the same sense of urgency and deliver the most qualified prospective hires…individuals you should not expect to see through traditional hiring efforts.

Each company is guided through the search process by a Bridgeway partner with real industry expertise. We listen carefully to understand the qualities necessary to excel at a position and fit seamlessly into the corporate culture. We connect with target hires and inspire them to explore opportunities that mesh well with their vision and values. We balance company and candidate representation throughout the interview and negotiation process.

We are committed to the
highest professional ethical standards

We have managed over $40 Million in placements

We are responsible for more than 2000 hires

We have handled more than $2 Billion in negotiations