We specialize in discovering extraordinary professionals in unexpected places. At Bridgeway, we encourage companies to invest time to build a targeted, select candidate pool with us.  They hold us accountable to see individuals that come specifically from that pool.  That’s how Headhunting was meant to be.  Expect more.

The best never settle, they call Bridgeway.


To both visionary companies and the extraordinary talent they require to advance their competitive edge, Bridgeway is the only high performance headhunter who persuades the intellect by inspiring the heart. We have the unique power to motivate an individual to pursue an unforeseen leap of faith (from the safety of the known into the possibilities of the unknown) with a single utterance of the words “what if?” It takes real talent to acquire real talent.



Bridgeway Tenure – 14 years (2005-Present)
Cofounded in 2005.  Remains involved in creating strategic hiring plans for companies, interacts with prospective hires to ensure Bridgeway hiring model is maintained, and assumes hiring responsibility for Bridgeway.  Developed the Bridgeway Seneca Hiring model that includes 7 strategic activities to maintain a consistent hiring model and ensure successful hiring.
Corporate Experience
11 years
Promoted through Sales discipline from entry level Sales Associate in 1993 to Regional Director in 2004.  Hired for over 200 roles in multiple states.

4 kids (Ages- 16, 14, 12, 10), Born and raised in Vermont. Attended St. Michael’s College and received BA in Psychology in ’93.
Introduction to thinking

Hiring is the most important part of a job description for any leader.  Perform it well and you will grow on the shoulders of your staff. Perform it poorly and you’ll be working tirelessly until you’re replaced. Very few companies train managers how to hire well.  Consider an engagement with Bridgeway, or perhaps a simple opening conversation, to determine if you appreciate our style and philosophy on hiring. If you do, we can profoundly impact your career more than any other vendor you’ll work with.

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Senior Partner

Partner since 2005 (Co-founder)

Lifetime Billings: $7.2 Million
Engagements Completed: 620
Total Interview processes Managed: 2,150
Lifetime Hires: 348
Unique Companies I’ve supported in hiring: 94
Number of states I’ve completed engagements: 33
Unique Titles I’ve hired for: 55

Philosophical Snapshot

Since 2005 I’ve been able to keep an outstanding pulse on our economy by watching the ebbs and flows of the Financial Services Industry.  Consolidation, regulation, emerging technologies, and the increased competition of Credit Unions have all influenced the financial landscape.  The philosophy and strategy a company utilizes attracting the best and brightest is that much more compelling.  Bridgeway monitors this ever-changing environment and stays attune of the trends within our national footprint.

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John DiVitto
Jim Thomas


Senior Partner

Partner since 2008 (joined 2006)

Lifetime Billings: $8 Million
Engagements Completed: 744
Total Interview processes Managed: 2,976
Lifetime Hires: 318
Unique Companies I’ve supported in hiring: 107
Number of states I’ve completed engagements: 33
Unique Titles I’ve hired for: 182

Philosophical Snapshot

The Industrial Manufacturing space is the most diverse of all in Headhunting. It is critical for us to watch emerging trends. I take pride in the impact that our practice makes to infrastructure and some of the most important industries like Foods and Energy. The evolution of social media has allowed us to expand the depth of service we can offer clients today as we can identify an in demand candidate pool easier than ever. Engaging the top performers and assisting growth companies to become great companies with the talent they can attract remains as challenging as ever.  I welcome that challenge.

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Jim Bollenbacher

Senior Partner

Partner since 2011 (joined 2007)

Lifetime Billings: $6.7 million
Completed Engagements: 692
Total Interview processes Managed: 1,623
Lifetime Hires: 231
Unique Companies I’ve supported in hiring: 59
Number of states I’ve completed engagements: 26
Unique Titles I’ve hired for: 29

Philosophical Snapshot:

While my Business Degree from Ohio State doesn’t qualify me for most of the positions I engage in, I’m proud to lead a practice that focuses on such an important space for our species.  Hires I’ve been responsible for will reduce the amount of time that the next cancer drug goes to market and assist disabled veterans improve their quality of life with enormous advancements in prosthetics.  I’m honored to have been selected to build mission critical departments for some of the most recognized names in our field (Janssen & Beckman Coulter most recently) along with some of the up and coming companies (Alnylam & Galvani Bioelectronics) that I’m confident are going to tell explosive success stories.

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Steve Sova


Partner since 2014 (joined 2011)

Lifetime Billings: $3.4 Million
Completed: 305
Total Interview processes Managed: 905
Lifetime Hires: 121
Unique Companies I’ve supported in hiring: 250
Number of states I’ve completed engagements: 31
Unique Titles I’ve hired for: 59

Philosophical Snapshot

In 2011 this practice emerged from a more general Accounting & Finance practice to an extremely niched Tax Focus. While I can and do assist some clients with vertical roles, Tax is such it’s own animal that its difficult to imagine anyone could “dabble” in it. My primary focus is working with Corporations that have highly attractive opportunities for those Tax professionals that are ready to leave public accounting.  I’m as proud of the impact I’ve had on so many individuals and families as I am to assist a company in filling this mission critical area. As long as there is a complex tax code that companies have to muddle through, I’ll be here to assist individuals and companies with the equally challenging world of career management and hiring.


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Justin Saunders

Senior Associate

Partner since 2018 (joined 2011)

Lifetime Billings: $1.3M
Engagements Completed: 135
Total Interview processes Managed: 478
Lifetime Hires: 65
Unique Companies I’ve supported in hiring: 26
Number of states I’ve completed engagements: 24
Unique Titles I’ve hired for: 32

Philosophical Snapshot

When I joined Bridgeway in 2011, I had limited hiring experience and was exposed to the Bridgeway “method.” Over the next 4 years I interviewed over 3000 individuals and was educated on how to inspire and engage the right person. Along the way, I developed a profound appreciation of the impact I can have on individuals and their families while I’m supporting the companies that I believe in. Since 2015, I’ve taken that competence to develop my practice within what I believe is the most talented hiring Organization in the Country. Whether you are a company in Life Sciences challenged with a critical hire or an individual in the space curious to explore your value in the market, put my statements to the test.

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Justin Saunders

Rob "Woody" Bushman

Associate (joined 2017)

With 10 years of experience in the technology recruiting space, Rob Bushman joined Bridgeway with the task of building the firm’s Technology Practice. Rob began his career with Robert Half International, where he spent 5 years before joining a boutique firm and logging another 5 years of technical recruiting experience. While new to the Bridgeway hiring model, his knowledge and passion for the technology space will make him an invaluable vendor selection to any company with a mission critical, time sensitive technology need.

Philosophical Snapshot

Too many recruiting firms hire sales people to manage a Technology Practice. Today’s companies hiring for technology professionals need a recruiting resource that talks the language of technology. In my spare time I code and my wife is a java developer. Technology professionals don’t want to speak to someone who sees them as a “widget” representing a placement fee. They want to speak with a techie who can relate to their career ambitions and understand why a certain position at a certain company is the right or wrong role relating to their skill sets and interests. I’m a technology professional in the Headhunting space, not a sales professional in the technology space. I think that matters a lot.

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Kevin Kumazec

Associate (joined 2016)

After a successful baseball career at the University of Akron (yes, we’re poking fun at him), Kevin began his career washing cars in a suit (Enterprise). In all seriousness, that quality business training program groomed him for our industry. He next spent almost 3 years in the contract staffing space with a small Regional firm. We recruited him in 2016 to join our Industrial Manufacturing practice as a Junior Associate. In 2018, he was promoted to Associate with the task of growing our Construction Practice in the Midwest. In his time at Bridgeway, he’s been involved in almost 300 interview processes at the time of this writing.

Philosophical Snapshot

Hiring in an Organization has many parallels to putting together a successful baseball team. When you’re in need of a left fielder, you scan the market for the best available at time of free agency. You must decide if you’re going to pull someone up from the lower divisions (a less costly option) or if you’re going to make the investment on a proven entity. If you’re going to go the route of proven entity, then you’ve got to 1. Be willing to make the investment for the experience and 2. Understand how to express the value proposition of your Organization so that they will select you. I love the game of Headhunting and the philosophy of hiring that Bridgeway lives by. If you are serious about hiring better than your competition, then you need a better hiring strategy. There’s no other way.

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With almost 100 years of combined experience in management-level recruitment, Bridgeway Search Group is a valuable search partner to companies across a range of industries. Bridgeway’s success is founded in our unmatched skill and proven process. Whether a contingency or retained search, we engage with the same sense of urgency and deliver the most qualified prospective hires…individuals you should not expect to see through traditional hiring efforts.

Each company is guided through the search process by a Bridgeway partner with real industry expertise. We listen carefully to understand the qualities necessary to excel at a position and fit seamlessly into the corporate culture. We connect with target hires and inspire them to explore opportunities that mesh well with their vision and values. We balance company and candidate representation throughout the interview and negotiation process.

We are committed to the
highest professional ethical standards

We have managed over $40 Million in placements

We are responsible for more than 2000 hires

We have handled more than $2 Billion in negotiations